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James P. Ginley, owner of Ginley Funeral Homes, announced on March 1st that their Walpole location, 892 Main Street, will close its doors.

After months of consideration, Jim decided—with a heavy heart—to shutter the building. The location served Walpole families with care and compassion for two generations and over 89 years.

Jim, owner of two additional funeral homes in Franklin and Medway, wanted to continue to serve Walpole families.

To facilitate this need, Jim met with Funeral Directors Alexander F. Thomas and his two sons Alex and Roger and found a solution. Al Thomas and his sons have graciously agreed to let Jim use their beautiful funeral home, located at 45 Common Street in Walpole, to serve any families seeking the services of the Ginley Funeral Home.

This is not a merger but merely an effort to accommodate families dedicated to Jim Ginley in their time of need. Phone calls to the Ginley Funeral Home number 668-0709 will be answered by the Thomas family. In turn, they will reach out to Jim, who will provide services. All funeral arrangements will be made with Jim and the funeral services will take place at the Alexander F. Thomas and Sons Funeral Home on Front Street. This unprecedented cooperation between two funeral home families is rooted in a desire to meet the needs of Walpole families.

Jim will continue to own and operate his funeral homes in Franklin and Medway. Should you have any questions or concerns about the changes please reach out to Jim at 508-528-1045.

After 89 years, The Ginley Funeral Home of Walpole closed its doors March 1, 2020. It was first established in 1931 by the late James H. Ginley in his childhood home on West Street in Walpole. During that time, the majority of the wakes were held in the home of the deceased. Mr. Ginley would arrive early in the day and set everything up for the family. If the home was too small to accommodate family and friends they would use the living room of the Ginley homestead on West Street.

Upon returning home, after serving in the United States Army during WWII, Mr. Ginley noticed Walpole families were traveling to Norwood for their funeral arrangements and services. He wanted his friends and neighbors to stay in Walpole and be cared for by someone they knew and trusted. As a result he purchased the former parsonage of the United Church in Walpole at 892 Main Street and established the Ginley Funeral Home.

In 1963, James H. Ginley died at the age of 53. His widow, Margaret, left with two young children, James and Mary Ellen, gave up being a homemaker and attended the New England Institute and ultimately became a funeral director to support her family. The combination of being a registered nurse with a deep desire to care for people and with what she had learned from her late husband, made her a compassionate, thoughtful and understanding funeral director.

In 1972, her son, James P. Ginley graduated from the New England Institute and became a licensed funeral director just as his parents dreamed. He has owned and operated the Ginley Funeral Home in Walpole ever since. The goal of the Ginley family was and is to love, care for and be a good neighbor. Success has never been a matter of financial gain but the desire to do something good for others.

Over the past 89 years, the Ginley family hasn’t forgotten the simple idea established by James H. Ginley that honesty and compassion could help countless Walpole families. That the Ginley Funeral Homes exist to make a difficult time a little easier. Over the years this basic philosophy has attracted families to The Ginley Funeral Home and enabled our family to make an honest living by simply helping others. In these times of change, we thank the people of Walpole for their support over the past 89 years.

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